Where’s our chick gone?

Had quite an interesting email from our distributors – BookSource – today – who asked me to supply our new logo to them as they had noticed the old Fledgling Press chick had changed. This came as a bit of surprise to me as yes, we changed the logo a few weeks back, but I didn’t think it had changed so much that people would notice. Not true! One of our authors also emailed lamenting the loss of the little chick on the book and an intern who had left over a year ago also emailed saying why???? Blame our web designer I said – he wants to drag us into the 21st century. Personally I like the new chick – it’s more modern and slightly more funky than the last one but it appears the jury is out . . .  
Fledgling Press logo

Our revised logo going forward

Fledgling Press Old Logo

Our old logo

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