The Studio Game by Peter Burnett

Not such a game

A bitter row has broken out between two of the Fledgling Press owners over their new publication The Studio Game by Peter Burnett. Love, suicide and modern art are each contentious topics on their own. But when skillfully entwined together for the plot of Fledgling Press’ latest novel, The Studio Game, the contraversial storyline and imminent publication have divided the team.The Studio Game by Peter Burnett The Studio Game tells the story of two young artists – Liska and Gary – who agree a suicide pact, disillusioned by the domination of the art market by agents and dealers. She goes through with it, jumping off the back of a ferry to Orkney, and he doesn’t. The rest of the story follows his attempts to carry out her wishers by destroying her work before the dealers can sell it. Burnett’s skillfully constructed prose allows the reader to empathise with both protagonists, and with Guy’s dilemna, he let Liska down and how can he redeem himself? The rift comes between Zander Wedderburn, found of Fledgling Press, and Clare Cain, CEO.
Suicide is a deadly serious business and anything that encourages it, far less suggest how to do it should be avoided. Most suicides are a terrible mistake, driven by depression, and problems that are essentially temporary. My wife was a depressive, and her brother too, and he killed himself, though he was a lovely man. What a waste. She worked for Samaritans, because she empathised well, and if she had known how to do it, might well have ended her own life. Zander Wedderburn
Meanwhile, Clare Cain, his partner in Fledgling Press loves the book:
A wonderful book, whose sentiments are echoed in the recent blast of the famous art critic Dave Hickey against the domination of the art market by dealers. I take the same view as the author. This is firstly a love story and secondly, a critique of the art world. Yes, the book deals with suicide and the anguish felt by those left behind but it in no way glorifies the act. And the method of suicide chosen by Liska is not a new invention. Anybody who has read a newspaper will have come across incidents where people have taken their lives in the same way. Suicide, unfortunately, is part of some people’s lives. It is real and it happens. This book is beautifully crafted and heartfelt and deserves to be a literary success. Clare Cain
Burnett own comments about this whole argument:
I have to be fairly sanguine about suicide. I’ve had two friends make that choice in the last ten year, both artists as it happened. As a society we do a lot to prevent this, but once a person has made that decision, it can be very difficult to do anything.
The Studio Game will be launching at Blackwell’s Bookshop, South Bridge on Monday 12th November 2012 at 6.30pm. The author will be appearing to read, answer questions and sign copies of the book. The book will be available from all good bookshops for £7.99 and in eBook formats from all vendors.  

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