The Studio Game by Peter Burnett

Launch of The Studio Game

I arrived an hour before the launch of Peter Burnett’s The Studio Game in Blackwell’s to find that the fantastically efficient events manager, Ann, had already laid out chairs and set up a little bar area, complete with glasses and fruit juice. All Fledgling Press needed to provide was wine and people! The wine was easy – the people were worrying me as it was a dreich Monday night. However my fears were soon allayed as the first invitees turned up. Soon there were lots of people milling around, commenting on the book and especially its cover – which is fab! The Studio Game by Peter Burnett Peter took to the floor, complete with placard in hand, to the puzzlement of some and the laughter of others. He held up his placard for all to see – Marcel Duchamp’s version of the Mona Lisa – and announced that, unlike most launches, he would not just be reading from his latest novel but would be offering some insight into Duchamp too. This he proceeded to do very cleverly, weaving little extracts from The Studio Game with commentary on Duchamp and the modern art world. He spoke for about 20 minutes and finished to loud applause. He then answered several questions from the interested audience and signed lots of books. The place was absolutely buzzing – Peter certainly gave his audience food for thought and loads of people commented on how attractive the book looked and how they were looking forward to reading it. A great night!

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