ECA Cover Competition 2013

It’s that time of year where Fledgling Press reaches out, connects with the ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) and holds it’s book cover competition for the students. This is the third year the competition has been running, with previous winners work being seen globally on Fledgling Press titles.Sex, Love and Sweet Suicide by Chin Our 2011 winners featured on Chin’s Sex, Love and Sweet Suicide as well as the superbly popular Viking Gold by V.Campbell. (If you haven’t read Viking Gold or are put off by it’s teen-fiction genre, you’re missing out! See these amazon reviews!) Viking Gold by V.Campbell In 2012 we only had one title for the competition, When the Turaco Calls by Gisela Hoyle. With all the students focusing on one title, we received a diverse, high quality range of ideas from which we had to select just one winner. The 2013 competition has a single title, The Red Man Turns to Green, an edgy short story anthology from debut author Dickson Telfer. As well as the change to win £200, have their artwork published on a title which will be available worldwide in May, the students can also use the project work towards their module marks. Judging will take place on the 20th March, where the Fledgling Press team will pore over the covers before announcing a winner on the 22nd March.

2 thoughts on “ECA Cover Competition 2013

  1. Tessa Simpson

    Hi there,

    I am a student at ECA, but currently studying on exchange in Canada. I was wondering if you could send me an email with the details of this competition? Or direct me to where I can download the competition brief. I would love to participate as books are my second passion after design, and they often go hand in hand!

    Thank you,
    Tessa Simpson

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