March Update – Fledgling Press

Things may have seemed very quiet on the Fledgling Press front for the past few months but behind the scenes we have been very busy preparing this year’s books and revamping our website. The new site is up and we’re still getting to grips with it – we hope you will like it. Our first literary offering for 2013 will be the extremely edgy short story anthology from debut author Dickson Telfer – The Red Man Turns to Green. His book is the focus of our 2013 design competition in conjunction with ECA and we will be announcing the winner around March 22nd 2013 – watch this space. This book will be published at the end of May 2013. It will be swiftly followed by the life story of a former Search and Rescue winchman – Chris Murray QGM. Written by Chris and journalist Iain Maciver, The Winchman tells Chris’s story – from his early days and escapades as a navy diver, to his 22 years in Search and Rescue, based in Stornoway and involving many exciting and sometimes tragic rescues – complete with photographs of some of his most memorable times as a diver and winchman. We plan to publish the third book in RJ Mitchell’s Glasgow crime series in the summer of 2013 – The Longest Shadow continues the adventures of DI Gus Thoroughgood and his sidekick Hardie in a romp through the Scottish countryside, fighting baddies and unlucky in love . . . again. Bert will be appearing in this year’s West End festival in Glasgow and is sure to let readers in on some details of his latest thriller. Later in the year will see another two teen books – The Watchers is another great story from well known author Philip Caveney, and should match  the success of last year’s book with us, Crow Boy. Philip will be appearing at this year’s EIBF and we’re sure he will be talking more about the book there. Viking Siege is the follow-up to V. Campbell’s hugely successful Viking Gold. The hero, Redknee, finds himself on foreign shores yet again, this time in England – like its predecessor Viking Siege is sure to be a big hit with teen readers. Victoria has been, and still is, roaming around the UK visiting lots and lots of schools and bookstores, entertaining children with her Viking props and tales of adventure. Also appearing late summer will be Malcolm Archibald’s follow-up to The Darkest Walk. The Dundee Murders sees Detective Mendick, as you would expect, in Dundee, hot on the trail of the perpetrator of several gory murders. Certainly more graphic and hard-hitting than The Darkest Walk, but written in Malcolm’s usual inimitable style and with his customary attention to historical detail this is a book for lovers of historical crime fiction. We plan to round off the year with another children’s book – The Peerie Monster and the Christmas Sneak Thief, bound to be a hit with younger readers. Just like The Peerie Monster and the Colour Crocodile, this is a beautifully, fully illustrated picture book, penned by Nyssa Pinkerton and illustrated by the fantastically talented Kylie Tesdale (who is also producing some other covers for us this year – see if you can spot them!) We will be heading for LBF 2013 with a new catalogue featuring our forthcoming titles as well as our current list. We will also be working with software company Evanidus and running some eBook giveaway competitions very soon so keep your eye on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages. That’s all for now but keep checking back for further updates.

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