ECA Competition: Shortlist

After visiting the Edinburgh College of Art on Wednesday to view entries for the 3rd cover design competition, we retreated to deliberate over which five we would shortlist for us then to choose a winner. ECA LogoThe students were given a reader’s proof of Dickson Telfer’s The Red Man Turns to Green, which was the title chosen for this year’s competition. We set them the task of illustrating a cover, working from their responses to, and ideas of, the book, and the chosen winner would have their work published as the cover. It was no easy task as The Red Man Turns to Green is a collection of short stories rather than a novel, so extracting a prevalent theme is difficult and in addition, depicting several stories in one image is never easy! We had great difficulty picking a shortlist because all the entries were of such a high standard, and we had several different criteria to consider. However, we managed to whittle down the entries to the five which we think ticked all the relevant boxes, and most closely captured the spirit of the book. The 5 shortlisted entries are below. The full entry list can be seen below.

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