The Red Man Turns to Green by Dickson Telfer

The Red Man Turns to Green

In this enigmatic debut collection, The Red Man Turns to Green, Dickson Telfer plunges his characters into profound and occasionally unsettling situations and watches them stew, fumble, thrive and flourish.  Quirky, funny and alternative, his observations on everyday life make this collection eminently enjoyable.

“Guaranteed to challenge your perceptions, pre-conceived or otherwise, Telfer’s whacky take on life will never leave you feeling indifferent.”

Everything about Dickson Telfer”s debut novel The Red Man Turns to Green has been an adventure, from the ECA Art competition, the fact its a collection of short stories, or just the adventurous layout we”ve taken for print, it”s all been new and fresh. Just like the short stories themselves.

We’re hoping to get some additional content from the author, as well as some events lined up (he’s a performer too!) so watch this space. Due to be published in early June – we can’t wait to hear people”s reactions!

The Red Man Turns to Green by Dickson Telfer

When the red man turns to green, walk yourself into a world where killing a spider triggers vivid flashbacks; where unrequited love is never forgotten; where filming for YouTube leads to more than mere voyeurism; where a shopping trip to Asda is a form of counselling; where the sheep are very often blue; and where tea is the answer.

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