The Incomers by Moira McPartlin

The People’s Book Prize Finalists

Voting is now open for the finalists of The People’s Book Prize 2013, and Moira McPartlin’s The Incomers is in the final!It seems such a long time ago that we were celebrating her nomination for the Saltire Society Scottish First Book of the Year award, way back in November as well as her progression through to the final of The People’s Book Prize. But now the time has come to vote again! Go to the voting site here. Fledgling Press are delighted to have The Incomers in the final for The People’s Book Prize 2013 as it follows on from successes of 2012 where two titles were nominated for the final. It highlights the depth of talent available within Scotland and gives us belief in publishing and promoting debut authors. The Incomers by Moira McPartlin The story draws on deep parallels between the cultures of West Africa and Scotland. Each chapter ends with a vernacular ‘party line’ telephone conversation between two village women, tracking the initial animosity towards Ellie and gradually, a grudging acceptance of her. When Nat is abducted by the school bully and nearly drowns, Ellie is stunned by the hostility she receives from an African male doctor. It is only then she realises that prejudice of incomers exists everywhere, and acceptance grows if nurtured by familiarity. This novel cleverly explores historical racial prejudice in Scotland and may raise some difficult cultural issues, perhaps still applicable 45 years later.

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