Dickson’s Reaction

We caught up with Dickson Telfer after his Waterstones launch of The Red Man Turns to Green. We only managed a few words out of him because he was quite literally buzzing! Q: Hi Dickson, how do you think it went? Great! I think it went well yeah, the audience were receptive and several people bought books, which was fantastic. I managed to see some old faces that I hadn’t seen for quite a while, so it was brilliant to see them support my endeavours as a new author. Q: Do you enjoy performing? Yeah I really enjoy it! It’s interesting because writing stories I think will either work great on stage or it’ll just work on the page, and that can determine how a story goes. But yeah, I really like storytelling. I remember watching Jackanory when I was a kid and Rik Mayall doing Jackanory was so animated and so excited about the characters, and what was going to happen to them. Well obviously, he knew what was going to happen to the characters but the audience didn’t, and he was fantastic at building up the story. So I think spoken words and performance should really combine to make it more theatrical, as I’ve been to many book events where authors have just sat and read a book, which I think is quite boring and dull. I think there should be some element of performance and that’s certainly what I enjoy doing. Q: Were you happy to launch The Red Man Turns To Green at Waterstones? Yes I was very pleased to have had it at Waterstones, as it’s one of the main bookshops that everybody knows. Whilst in the process of releasing the book, the main question that people were asking me was, ‘can I get a copy at Waterstones?’. Most towns and cities in Scotland have a Waterstones, so it was the ideal choice to host my official book launch. You can read more about The Red Man Turns to Green here.

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