Plague Doctor to roam Edinburgh Streets once again

Best-selling children’s author Philip Caveney will be appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this year with his very own Plague Doctor in tow! Beginning from Mary King’s Close at 2.30pm on Sat 24th August, Phillip Caveney will be meandering the streets of Edinburgh where his novel Crow Boy is set. Visiting sites from the book and points of interest , Philip will continue on his way to his event, taking place at the Edinburgh International Book Festival at 5.30pm. Along the way he will be stalked by the fear-inducing Plague Doctor, complete with plague mask and cloak, who will be scaring any passers by and looking out for anyone with the lurgy. After his exploration of Edinburgh, Philip will host an hour slot at the Edinburgh Internation Book Festival where he will be exploring Edinburgh’s gruesome past, talking guests through the history of the 17th Century as it relates to his scary novel Crow Boy. Listeners will be walked through the towering houses, squeezed through closes and mee the locals before encountering their very own Plague Doctor! It promises to be a fantastic afternoon for all, with Philip’s vast knowledge on the subject and his entertaining personality keeping everyone interested. Best known for his Alec Devlin and Sebastian Darke series, Philip’s Crow Boy is published by Edinburgh’s independent publisher, Fledgling Press. On the day he will be selling a limited number of advanced copies of his upcoming title Watchers, again published by Fledgling Press.

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