The Red Man Turns to Green by Dickson Telfer

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We’ve noticed lately that Dickson Telfer’s The Red Man Turns to Green has been receiving a lot of coverage online lately, and here’s another article to add to the list. The Red Man Turns to Green by Dickson TelferThis time it’s receiving praise for the fine cover which came out of our ECA Cover Competition earlier in 2013. Rachel Cartwright’s cover was selected from a broad selection of entrants in this year’s competition, all of which were of a fantastically high standard so she deserves all of the praise coming her way.
If Quentin Tarantino designed a Damien Rice CD sleeve, this is what it would look like. Dreamy, colourful, and oh-so-intriguing. This is beautiful work.
We agree that the cover is dreamy and extraordinarily intriguing, and it is part of the reason we went with it. The selection of typeface fits with the illustration perfectly and runs through the whole book, bringing it together and turns this assortment of random tales and short stories into a delightful book. It is also great to see the Fledgling title being included in such esteemed company as Penguin, Canongate, Angry Robot and Faber. The student’s at the ECA can take pride in their work standing up alongside such well known names, being noted and appreciated. We wrote an article earlier in 2013, around the time of the competition, discussing how new authors need to have a visually striking cover that stands out in a crowded bookshelf, and The Red Man Turns to Green continues to do that. You can see the original article about the book covers here. You can read a brilliant, and useful, review of Dickson Telfer’s book here

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