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After a few trips to London lately, we’ve manage to spend a fair bit of time on the tube and have noticed increasing numbers of people who are reading on their commute. I know it’s not unusual to spot people reading on the tube, but over the last few years the number of people reading seems to have gone up as the price of e-readers has gone down, whilst availability of content has rocketed. There are still people who sit with their paperback, reading away, the pages looking slightly dog-eared and the spine folded over slightly too far, and we wondered what would make a great commuter read. For ease of use, we understand why people go with a Kindle; you can fit hundreds of books on it, it’s lightweight and fits in your bag. A book is a bit more cumbersome, it needs more care and attention and generally is more difficult to transport. What we’re interested in is the content within the device of choice. Is it a Guardian best-selling crime novel? A celebrity biography recommended by Amazon because you bought your daughter a Lady Gaga CD? (Who buys CD’s anymore?!) Or is it a series of short stories? Fledgling Press have had a debate about this – what do you read on your commute – and are weighing up the benefits of including a series of short stories to go on any #commuterreads reading list. One of the main benefits we discussed was the ease with which you can pick up and put down a series of short stories – if you’ve only got 5 minutes and don’t fancy the Metro then a short story could do the trick. You can delve into another world and take your mind off the smelly bus/train/tube whilst being whisked away to work. Or, if you’re on a longer journey, you can pick out a longer story to keep you going, one which isn’t a 70,000 word novel that needs your full attention. We’ll be asking the question and hoping people reply and join in the debate on twitter using the #commuterreads handle. We’ll have more on this later!

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