The Longest Shadow

GUS THOROUGHGOOD is back to face his most daunting challenge yet in The Longest Shadow. Fresh from saving Glasgow from a catastrophic terrorist plot in The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror, this third installment in the series will see DS Thoroughgood embroiled in two vastly different investigations, neither of which is as it seems. When he is handed a seemingly mundane enquiry to solve a spate of meat robberies Thoroughgood questions the whole purpose of his police career. But when the enquiry quickly evolves from robbery to murder and abduction the DS finds himself in pursuit of a gang of vicious armed robbers who are anything but the sum of their parts. While his own pursuit of the gang gathers pace relentlessly, Thoroughgood’s complicated love life draws him into the world of Scotland’s most powerful whisky family, the aristocratic Roxburghs of Roxburgh Hall. With the dynasty’s survival under threat from an unknown killer, Thoroughgood finds himself torn apart by two investigations in which his emotions are sucked into a vortex from which there may be no escape. Drawing on his 12 years as a police officer, Mitchell provides a meticulous portrayal of police procedure while guiding his readership through two plots of contrasting pace towards a denouement that will leave you catching your breath and begging for more.

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