ECA Competition 2014

Edinburgh students go digital for 2014 Book Competition

With the first two printed titles of 2014 already signed off and ready for production, Fledgling Press set a new challenge for the students at the Edinburgh College of Art in the fourth year of their book cover competition. The title students would be producing their cover for this year was an eBook only title.

Being able to produce eBook only titles is an excellent opportunity for Fledgling Press in the current climate, where around 20% of all titles sold in the UK are now in digital format. However it does provide a different challenge in producing artwork that works on a much smaller scale, especially when the average image displayed is less than 200px wide.

The notion of being eye-catching is no less relevant when it comes to digital books compared to printed, but the likelihood of being seen in digital format is somewhat diminished unless massively popular and hugely marketed.

What with bestsellers, must have, recommended and the good old 99p specials lists that are splashed across the landing pages of almost all digital book sellers, independent titles can be relatively hard to find. And need to stand out.

This year’s entries have been of an incredibly high standard, with a great diversity in the styles submitted to the brief. It’s always amazing to see how creatives approach a brief in different ways, all of which are great replies to a challenging brief. It’s a learning curve for everyone involved, as Fledgling Press will also be learning from the exercise whilst the students will be working in a new medium that will become more predominant as they enter their professional lives.

It’s not all down to the cover. In an increasingly crowded and maturing digital market, we understand a lot of success comes down to promotion and exposure of the book. But we’re keen to learn how our understanding of the digital market is compared to our knowledge of printed titles.

We’ll look at the results of the competition later in February, and we’ll be able to revisit the topic once it goes public and we see the sales figures!

In the meantime, take a look at the students’ entries here where you can leave your comments.

3 thoughts on “ECA Competition 2014

  1. Rosemary Kaye

    Every one of these is outstanding. E-book covers are so often garish, screaming ‘amateur’ & ‘cheap’, but any one of these would make me think that the book was well written & worth a look.

    I especially like the ones with a little bit of colour. My favourites are Liv Wan & Valpuri Karine.

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  3. Glyn Morrisin

    I was a Junior Leader wearing this Cap badge with the Armoured Fist. I have my choices of covers that bring out the boy soldier Rosie Corfe this shows us what we looked like when we joined we joined as boys and left as Men and Helga Pavelkova this shows the transition from boy to man.


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