Getting in Early

The first to market wins, the early bird catches the worm, the usual cliches about being first are over used and generally not accurate. However, since working with debut author Julie Clarke we’re taking no chances and doing exactly that.

We’ve recently started working with Julie Clarke, helping her set up her own blog, giving guidance about the content, ideas for self promotion and passing on some cumulative acquired knowledge to help her get set up. This may seem somewhat premature as her debut title Becoming Julie is not available until October, but we’ve good reason to get in early.

As a first time author, we believe it’s always prudent to begin your marketing activity early, even if it’s as simple as setting yourself up with a Facebook page, a twitter account and buying a domain name. That way you can begin to grow your following and audience, even if it is a handful of people. It may not seem important, but a lot of the hard work can be done before your book launches, so when the book is printed and available you can rely upon the audience you’ve already built up to help spread the word and come along. This leaves you to focus on enjoying it and having a great time promoting your book, rather than worrying if anybody is going to turn up.


Another reason we are starting so early with Julie Clarke is that we have a slightly uphill struggle against her famous namesake; a former playboy bunny of the year. (That doesn’t mean you should all go and google her now!) It means we’re starting off early and applying all our marketing knowledge to try and get her profile as high as ‘the other one’.

It is always a daunting prospect for new authors to get involved and put themselves out there, but it does pay dividends in the long run to start early and get comfortable with it. That way you can explore the what your readers are interested in and how to engage them more, strike up conversations with them and have them as your early followers.

We’re currently helping Julie through this process, have helped RJ Mitchell with his blog too and offer this service to any authors who come on board and want to participate.

Starting early is easy, inexpensive, but can bring great reward.

You can see Julie Clarke’s blog at

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