A fresh notebook begins…

Do you ever feel the need to start a fresh notepad when you’re starting a new project? Or jotting down a fresh set of ideas? I do.


That’s exactly what I have done today – a fresh new notebook for some exciting new ideas at Fledgling Press. Not that we were going particularly wrong – 2013 was a great year for the company – but we’re trying some new ideas and methods in 2014 to help put us on the map and get noticed.

You may have noticed we’ve been a little more active on social media channels lately, trying to engage with our audience and promote our authors efforts. It has been great fun and as a small company we’re finding it one of the best ways to get our message across without a hefty price tag. It takes a little bit of time and imagination/thought to put out something interesting that people want to read.

Fledgling Press have been actively engaging a lot more with our authors social media efforts. For a few years we have been supporting RJ Mitchell with his blog, and this year we are doing the same with Julie Clarke. Her’s is an inspirational and life changing story, one we’re really getting behind and are excited to get out. Which is all the more reason to help her get setup early and continue to work with her in order to make the most of the (many) opportunities that are coming her way this year.

Samuel Best is a great example of a man with a plan, who needs little or no guidance and seems to have ideas coming out of his ears. We’re hoping he continues the great work with his book, his blog and that all his efforts with Octavius magazine pay off.


So this fresh, new notepad, all crisp and unspoilt has now been defaced with the ramblings of a rather busy Fledgling Press. I think it may be down to having had too many old ideas in my previous notebook which I couldn’t complete, so it seemed perfectly reasonable to start a new one!

I think as a creative/writer/thinker its always nice and exciting starting a new notepad. It’s essential to carry one around as you never know when the next idea will hit you. And maybe having a cluttered one isn’t so bad, just as long as you do half of the things you write in it!

(I have to thank Samuel Best as his comments in this blog post triggered the idea for this. And I have to give some credit to the Faber Factory Conference back in January as now we are actually carrying out some of the many thoughts and concepts that were inspired by it!)

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