Shop Front

Out of university and out of luck, Ben Hamilton moves back in with his parents to stack shelves at the local supermarket. There he meets a group of friends and quickly finds himself dragged into secrecy, heavy drinking, and a violent feud.

Shop Front FINAL

Trouble flares as the boys test the limits of their own behaviour, small-town mentalities and childhood dreams, before a startling climax as some innocent flirting leads to something much darker. Shop Front is more than the story of an unlucky graduate struggling to find his way: it is a story of violence, working life, friendship and A&E.

A howl and a sigh from Generation Austerity. Samuel Best is there on the ground, finding jewels among the shattered graduate dream. Best is a bold, new, Scottish voice that tells it like it is and keeps us enthralled in the process.

Alan Bissett, author of The Moira Monologues, Pack Men and The Incredible Adam Spark.

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