New book time. Nearly.

Samuel Best will be launching his debut title, Shop Front with Fledgling Press. The official launch is at Waterstones Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, on Thursday 27 March from 18.30. You can find the store details on their website here.

It feels like an age since we had our last book launch – it was in fact for RJ Mitchell’s The Longest Shadow all the way back in November. My how time flies! Fledgling Press have had a few eBook titles out since then ( Animal Factory and The Jewel, with Boy Soldier and Beyond in production) but not a full, printed, hold-it-in-your-hands-and-sniff-the-pages title. Which is a real shame because they are always such fun, and the author events around them are great fun too!

Working with Samuel on Shop Front has been a great pleasure, and we have to thank Michael O’Shea for his work and time providing the cover artwork for it. We think it looks great, the story is fantastic and I know Samuel will be busy promoting this alongside his effort with Octavius magazine.

As I was saying before, new book time is always exciting because you get to see the author talking about their work and their passion, with the enthusiasm and excitement passing on to the audience. This energy travels across the room and takes an already great evening and turns it into a fantastic one. Book launches are brilliant and I wish we could do them more often!

Throughout the year we have another handful planned – 8, as well as several eBooks being published inbetween. But it is hard to justify an eBook launch when there’s nothing physical to show for it! There’s always the poster I guess.

Anyway, we hope to see you all at the launch of Shop Front on Thursday 27 March 2014. You can join the event here on our facebook page or add it to your diary, set a reminder and tie a piece of string to your finger.

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