London Book Fair

It’s only a few weeks until the London Book Fair (how time flies) so we figure we best write something about it! To start with we’ll say it’s always been a great event for Fledgling Press to attend.


The London Book Fair allows the Fledgling team to get out and actually see people, take a moment to see what everyone is doing and generally spend a couple of days absorbing the best of what the publishing world has to offer. Rather than being stuck behind a desk or fretting about the day to day running of a business! And it allows us to spend a couple of days in London, which is always a bonus!

This year we are on the Publishing Scotland with a number of their members, which gives us a great base t work from. We’ll be surrounded by our fellow members of Publishing Scotland so we’ll get to have a good catch up and chat to them, as well as having a table to sit at (always required!)

Another person we are looking forward to meeting is Pete Wilkinson. He’s one of several new authors on board at Fledgling Press this year and we are halfway through producing his debut book From Deptford to Antarctica. It’s guaranteed to be of great interest to anyone who see’s it. Pete Wilkinson co-founded Friends of the Earth UK back in 1971 before moving on to found Greenpeace UK in 1977. He was the campaign director for Greenpeace UK from 1977 until 1986, running some of the most high profile and successful campaigns in the 1980’s.  His book is his life story so far, so as you can imagine with life he previously had, and is still having, it’s sure to be a hit.

As ever at the London Book Fair, there are a massive numbers of seminars and talks to attend, a number of which have caught our attention across the Fledgling team. With the ability to produce our own eBooks, the Accessible eBooks seminar looks like it should provide some valuable insight and a wealth of knowledge. Developing a Digital Strategy on a Shoestring is one that @Graphics_Fledge will be taking an interest in. It’s something that a lot of independent publishers are doing and will be great to find out what is and isn’t working for others. Basically comparing notes! Showcasing Innovation is another one the list as it will be great to see what’s coming and being trialled.

They are but a few we’ll be looking to attend, so it will be a jam packed couple of days with meetings, greeting, and taking it all in. I’ll need 2 days off when I get back to recover!

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