Shop Front Review

Shop Front begins with every students nightmare – having finished their degree and facing the prospect of ‘settling’ for a mundane job they believe they’re better than. That fall from grace, slipping into old habits and getting back into the boring ‘real world’ that doesn’t care whether you got a second in your degree or a second degree burn.

Shop Front FINAL

The story follows Ben Hamilton as he returns home from University, the promise of better prospects and opportunities for graduates still fresh in his mind. He ends up walking the inevitable path of any graduate in a small time – accepting a job at his local supermarket, where he meets new friends and reluctantly begins to drift into their way of life. With twists and turns in the plot and not wanting to give too much away, the result ends up with two of the gang in A+E wondering how it went so wrong!

It explores the frustrations with unfulfilled ambition, the need to be accepted and fit of Ben Hamilton who has returned ‘home’ having lived away. It covers the expectations of having to do something or achieve something with your life, combined with some valuable life lessons and feel good notions thrown into the mix.

A well written story that follows the highs and lows of somebody who doesn’t know what they want to do, but knows they need a change. Whether you have graduated recently (or not), wonder about having a change or are averse to risk, this is a book that will push you into action!

Shop Front is available to buy from Fledgling Press, Amazon or any other good book retailer.

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