First hidden copy of Seventeen Coffins found on Arthur’s Seat!

We were delighted to receive a Facebook notification this morning from Denis Ruddy who was cycling from Edinburgh to Linlithgow on April 29th and decided to take a detour via Arthur’s Seat. On his way round Salisbury Crags he stopped for a moment and saw a strange object hidden under a boulder in the South Quarry. Closer inspection showed this to be one of the 3 copies of Seventeen Coffins whch author Philip Caveney had hidden on Arthur’s Seat the week before. The book was mainly intact – dry and only very slightly nibbled by some unknown creature – we had wrapped the book up well against the elements but didn’t factor in the fact that an animal might fancy a piece of paper for its lunch! Well done to Denis for finding a signed copy of Seventeen Coffins. Two more to go!

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