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That trip to the South of France in 1992 pretty much confirmed everything I’d suspected about the ocean. It was beautiful to look at, but scary, moody and unpredictable. After I returned home that summer, I went back to pursuing mildly risky land-based sports and feeding my passion for aviation. The early 90s had seen me qualify as a private pilot and, when I wasn’t walking in the Scottish mountains, I was flying over them in a light aircraft. I was comfortable in the sky and competent in hostile mountain terrain, but the sea represented a final frontier I wasn’t sure I wanted to cross.

David Flanagan came from a long line of seafarers and thought learning to surf would be easy, despite the fact he was scared of the ocean and fast approaching middle age.

As a journalist living in an island community, he had intended to write a light-hearted account of his progress towards surfing nirvana, but instead found himself facing danger, doubt and the spectre of childhood bereavement in an often wild and unwelcoming sea.

This is a great book about challenging social conventions, overcoming challenges and fears, but most of all enjoying who you are and what you do.

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