Press Release: Charley Chambers


A YA novel published by Fledgling Press
3 October 2016

Take a pinch of magic, a pinch of romance and a pinch of intrigue and – Abracadabra – a spellbinding novel
is created.

Rachel Kennedy has dreamt up a singular character – Charley Chambers. From a very early age Charley has
felt unlike her peers – she seems to possess unusual powers.

Charley has never really understood or been able to control these powers until she meets Aiden, who
teaches her how to handle her magic. But then the devilishly handsome newcomer, Marcus, arrives in
school and spells begin to be cast.

Rachel has written a Young Adult novel, brimming with colourful characters. As the story progresses, so
does Charley’s understanding of the new world that has been opened up for her and she realises that she
must make difficult choices to protect those around her.

Author Information

Rachel Kennedy studied Acting and Performance at college. Charley Chambers is her second novel.
She was born in Glasgow and now lives in Balfron, with her daughter, Sian. As well as writing, Rachel is also
very passionate about theatre. She also likes nothing better than discussing books over a bottle of wine
with her successful crime writing step-father, Denzil Meyrick.

For further information, a copy of the book, or to speak to Rachel Kennedy please contact:

Linda MacFadyen
Tel: 0191 280 1080, Mb: 07768 390172

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