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Women’s voices from the Holocaust

Times Witnesses

Published by Fledgling Press to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January 2017

Time’s Witnesses is the history and words of ten Jewish women who survived the Nazi concentration and extermination camps during World War Two.

These are women who lived through an unimaginable time, yet are still prepared to remember, so that the world does not forget.

The women tell of a time of degradation, deprivation, starvation and hopelessness, but each one, with incredible strength of spirit survived and extraordinarily share a common desire for resolution and a hope that by sharing their experiences these horrific moments in history will never be repeated.

Time’s Witnesses is not a comfortable book to read, but one that needs to be experienced if we are to learn.

Judith Meisel tells of the mother of the baby that a SS soldier dashed to the ground and killed. The mother afterwards refused to open one of her hands—she was clenching something she did not want to show. When the soldiers finally got the mother to open her hand, they saw a baby’s shoe. The SS soldier ordered her to
hand it over. When the mother refused, she was shot. This mother is one of the heroes of the Holocaust: a hero with moral integrity who not only showed great love of her child but also impressive courage.

This is just one example of the horrors these women encountered, making
their hope and warnings against hatred, even more remarkable.

Editor Information
Jakob Lothe (b.1950) is Professor of English Literature at the University of Oslo. His previous publications include Time’s Witnesses: Narratives from Auschwitz and Sachsenhausen (co-edited with Anette Storeide,2006) and After Testimony: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Holocaust Narrative for the Future (co-edited with Susan Rubin Suleiman and James Phelan, 2012). He is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and the leader of the Academy’s committee on human rights.

Dr Anne Marie Hagen has a postgraduate degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Oslo (Cand.philol. 2003) and a PhD in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh (2015). She recently completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (University of Edinburgh) and currently teaches in the University’s Department of English Literature in addition to working as a freelance translator and editor. Her first language is Norwegian.

Reviews of Time’s Witnesses: Women’s Voices from the Holocaust:

“This book is an absolutely unique work of documentation, and it makes a unique impression.”
Sindre Hovdenakk, VG

“The women’s narratives are important, awareness-raising work, soberly penned by Jakob Lothe.”
Espen Søbye, Morgenbladet

Reviews of Time’s Witnesses: Narratives from Auschwitz and Sachsenhausen:

Survival is never something one should take for granted. Nor that history will remain history. What almost all the interviewees have in common is a burning wish for peace, brotherhood, and fight against racism.
Lasse Midttun, Morgenbladet

For further information, a copy of the book, or to speak to Jakob Lothe, please contact:

Linda MacFadyen
Fledgling Press
Tel: 0191 280 1080
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