Wants of the Silent

Wants of the Silent

Wants of the Silent by Moira McPartlin

Published July 31st by Fledgling Press

The Handmaid’s Tale crossed with Kidnapped

Written for young adults and set in a dystopian world of the late 21st century, Wants of the Silent is the second electrifying volume of the Sun Song trilogy.

‘We’re all responsible. The signs were there; the mounting hatred of the immigrants, the growing wealth gap, the total disregard for people’s human rights, the media. Why didn’t ah believe they would go so far as to imprison the academics, the writers? Had it not happened before, many times? The purge and DNA classification, the separation of Privilege and native classes.’ recalls Scud, disenfranchised historian.

The Sun Song trilogy takes place in a post-apocalyptic Britain, in the aftermath of a finally broken society. Out of the disarray comes The State, the Privileged, The Land Reclaimists, the Noiri, the Purists, many disparate groups and of course the natives!

In Wants of the Silent the main protagonists, Ishbel and Sorlie deal with kidnapping, murder, intrigue and unrest. They must decide who to trust in the strange settlement of Steadie, while trying to stay alive and to bring freedom to the eclectic mix of survivors, whose existence is fraught with danger.

About the Author
Moira McPartlin’s debut novel was a critical success and shortlisted for the Saltire Society First Book of the Year Award. The Incomers, tells the tale of a West African woman moving to a small town in 1960s Scotland, Moira is a prolific writer of short stories and poetry and has been published in many literary magazines. Ways of the Doomed, the first book in the Sun Song Trilogy was published in 2015.

Reviews for Moira McPartlin’s Previous Work

“TIf you liked Divergent and that one about hunger, you’re going to love Ways of The Doomed. Moira McPartlin’s prose is rich but unpretentious, her storytelling, thumping. An exciting new voice in YA fiction.”
Helen Fitzgerald, bestselling novelist and screenwriter

“Chilling, intelligent, and thought-provoking, this richly imagined vision of the future gripped me from the outset. Beautifully written with fully realised characters, vivid settings, and a clever and playful use of language, Ways of the Doomed makes for a thrilling read. I loved it! My only complaint? I can’t wait for book 2”
Christina Banach, author of Miny

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