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The Slithers – Advanced Information

About the Book

After the death of his mother and the end of his father’s high-powered career, Zach and his Dad have come to the north of Scotland to live rent-free in Grandfather Alistair’s cliff-top cottage. Dad asks Zach to clean out the old garden pond, a rotting nightmare where not even a tadpole can survive. But when he drains the pond, he unearths something unexpected– a trapdoor leading down into darkness…

He ventures down there and discovers something amazing – a glowing egg-shaped stone. Once brought back to the surface, Zach’s run of bad luck seems to change entirely. Suddenly, he can’t seem to stop winning and even Dad’s career is unexpectedly back on track. But good luck can’t last forever…

The stone belongs to a race of ancient creatures that dwell deep beneath the ground – and they want it back.

Pretty soon, unspeakable things begin to claw their way to the surface in search of the stone – and for Zach and his new friend, Pepper, there’s one all-important question. Can they stay alive until morning?

About the Author

Philip’s first novel was published in 1977. Since then, he has published many novels for adults and since 2007, a series of children’s books that have sold all over the world, the Sebastian Darke series and another well-received series – The Alec Devlin Mysteries.

He has written the successful Crow Boy trilogy for Fledgling Press. Philip also writes as Danny Weston – winner of the Scottish Book Trust Teen award 2016.

The Slithers

The Slithers by Philip Caveney develops steadily into a genuinely scary Gothic horror novel, and a book that delights with its invention at the same time as it sends shivers down your spine… This is an outstanding novel for teen or young adult readers who can associate with the two central characters, Zach and Pepper.”

The Calling: Advanced Information

A boy wakes up on a train to Edinburgh.

He is shocked to discover that no idea who he is or how he came to be on the train – and once o it, he nds himself immersed in the chaos of the Edinburgh Fringe. After a day of wandering the crowded streets, he falls asleep and is woken by the sound of bells tolling midnight – only to discover that is the night of The Calling – a magical yearly event when all the statues of the city come alive. He is the only human ever to witness it.

He quickly makes a couple of allies – the Colonel, the bronze cavalryman of the Scots Grey’s monument, and the intrepid explorer David Livingstone. They christen the boy ‘Ed Fest’ and take him to Parliament Square to meet Charles II, the king of the statues, who isn’t particularly fond of ‘Softies’ (humans).

He assigns Sherlock Holmes to investigate the boy’s case, to discover his real identity and to get back to his home and family. But as the bronze detective begins to decipher the clues, he discovers that ‘Ed’ is on the run from a sequence of terrible events; ones that could threaten his very existence.

The Calling is a magical story set during Edinburgh’s most exciting event – and nearly all of its characters can be observed, standing on plinths in the heart of the city, waiting for next year’s Calling.

The latest novel from Philip Caveney will be available from April 2016.

Download the AI PDF here: The Calling Advanced Information