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Flash Fiction Competition

Attention all librarians & English Departments

Would you like a free author visit from author Philip Caveney? Winner of the Scottish Book Trust Teen award 2016 and author of the Sebastian Darke, Alec Devlin and Crow Boy series of books.

To celebrate the launch of his recent title,The Slithers, Fledgling Press and Philip Caveney are holding a writing competition to promote creative writing in schools.


The Slithers is based on the the nuckelavee, a demon featured in Scottish and Norsk mythology, which came ashore to wreak havoc and devastation on dwellers.

Write a flash fiction of no more than 250 words about how you would survive a visit from one of these creatures coming to your school.

Eligibility: P7-S4


A visit from The Slithers author, Philip Caveney at your school and a copy of The Slithers for the winning entrant.
Winners will be chosen by the panel at Fledgling Press and Philip Caveney.


Send your fiction to by 19 Jan 2018
Any questions? Contact

New book time. Nearly.

Samuel Best will be launching his debut title, Shop Front with Fledgling Press. The official launch is at Waterstones Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, on Thursday 27 March from 18.30. You can find the store details on their website here.

It feels like an age since we had our last book launch – it was in fact for RJ Mitchell’s The Longest Shadow all the way back in November. My how time flies! Fledgling Press have had a few eBook titles out since then ( Animal Factory and The Jewel, with Boy Soldier and Beyond in production) but not a full, printed, hold-it-in-your-hands-and-sniff-the-pages title. Which is a real shame because they are always such fun, and the author events around them are great fun too!

Working with Samuel on Shop Front has been a great pleasure, and we have to thank Michael O’Shea for his work and time providing the cover artwork for it. We think it looks great, the story is fantastic and I know Samuel will be busy promoting this alongside his effort with Octavius magazine.

As I was saying before, new book time is always exciting because you get to see the author talking about their work and their passion, with the enthusiasm and excitement passing on to the audience. This energy travels across the room and takes an already great evening and turns it into a fantastic one. Book launches are brilliant and I wish we could do them more often!

Throughout the year we have another handful planned – 8, as well as several eBooks being published inbetween. But it is hard to justify an eBook launch when there’s nothing physical to show for it! There’s always the poster I guess.

Anyway, we hope to see you all at the launch of Shop Front on Thursday 27 March 2014. You can join the event here on our facebook page or add it to your diary, set a reminder and tie a piece of string to your finger.

The Doctor will see you now

On the afternoon of Saturday 24th of August Dr George Rae – Edinburgh’s plague doctor of 1645 was reincarnated, courtesy of Mary King’s Close, and accompanied Philip Caveney on a tour around the centre of Edinburgh ahead of Philip’s sellout event at the Edinburgh  International Book Festival. Philip introduced the plague doctor to 21st Century concepts like bus travel and fast food, as well as posing outside the Assembly Rooms and the book festival itself before making a cameo appearance during Philip’s event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, to the delight of children and adults alike. photo photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4

Plague Doctor to roam Edinburgh Streets once again

Best-selling children’s author Philip Caveney will be appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this year with his very own Plague Doctor in tow! Beginning from Mary King’s Close at 2.30pm on Sat 24th August, Phillip Caveney will be meandering the streets of Edinburgh where his novel Crow Boy is set. Visiting sites from the book and points of interest , Philip will continue on his way to his event, taking place at the Edinburgh International Book Festival at 5.30pm. Along the way he will be stalked by the fear-inducing Plague Doctor, complete with plague mask and cloak, who will be scaring any passers by and looking out for anyone with the lurgy. After his exploration of Edinburgh, Philip will host an hour slot at the Edinburgh Internation Book Festival where he will be exploring Edinburgh’s gruesome past, talking guests through the history of the 17th Century as it relates to his scary novel Crow Boy. Listeners will be walked through the towering houses, squeezed through closes and mee the locals before encountering their very own Plague Doctor! It promises to be a fantastic afternoon for all, with Philip’s vast knowledge on the subject and his entertaining personality keeping everyone interested. Best known for his Alec Devlin and Sebastian Darke series, Philip’s Crow Boy is published by Edinburgh’s independent publisher, Fledgling Press. On the day he will be selling a limited number of advanced copies of his upcoming title Watchers, again published by Fledgling Press.

Dickson’s Reaction

We caught up with Dickson Telfer after his Waterstones launch of The Red Man Turns to Green. We only managed a few words out of him because he was quite literally buzzing! Q: Hi Dickson, how do you think it went? Great! I think it went well yeah, the audience were receptive and several people bought books, which was fantastic. I managed to see some old faces that I hadn’t seen for quite a while, so it was brilliant to see them support my endeavours as a new author. Q: Do you enjoy performing? Yeah I really enjoy it! It’s interesting because writing stories I think will either work great on stage or it’ll just work on the page, and that can determine how a story goes. But yeah, I really like storytelling. I remember watching Jackanory when I was a kid and Rik Mayall doing Jackanory was so animated and so excited about the characters, and what was going to happen to them. Well obviously, he knew what was going to happen to the characters but the audience didn’t, and he was fantastic at building up the story. So I think spoken words and performance should really combine to make it more theatrical, as I’ve been to many book events where authors have just sat and read a book, which I think is quite boring and dull. I think there should be some element of performance and that’s certainly what I enjoy doing. Q: Were you happy to launch The Red Man Turns To Green at Waterstones? Yes I was very pleased to have had it at Waterstones, as it’s one of the main bookshops that everybody knows. Whilst in the process of releasing the book, the main question that people were asking me was, ‘can I get a copy at Waterstones?’. Most towns and cities in Scotland have a Waterstones, so it was the ideal choice to host my official book launch. You can read more about The Red Man Turns to Green here.