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That trip to the South of France in 1992 pretty much confirmed everything I’d suspected about the ocean. It was beautiful to look at, but scary, moody and unpredictable. After I returned home that summer, I went back to pursuing mildly risky land-based sports and feeding my passion for aviation. The early 90s had seen me qualify as a private pilot and, when I wasn’t walking in the Scottish mountains, I was flying over them in a light aircraft. I was comfortable in the sky and competent in hostile mountain terrain, but the sea represented a final frontier I wasn’t sure I wanted to cross.

David Flanagan came from a long line of seafarers and thought learning to surf would be easy, despite the fact he was scared of the ocean and fast approaching middle age.

As a journalist living in an island community, he had intended to write a light-hearted account of his progress towards surfing nirvana, but instead found himself facing danger, doubt and the spectre of childhood bereavement in an often wild and unwelcoming sea.

This is a great book about challenging social conventions, overcoming challenges and fears, but most of all enjoying who you are and what you do.

Refrigerator Cake

“As refreshing a collection as you’re likely to come across.” – Gordon Legge. “Dickson Telfer plays centre forward in a new wave of exciting young writers. Read this book and you’ll know why.” – Joe England, Editor of PUSH magazine.
Following his debut collection, The Red Man Turns to Green, Dickson Telfer returns with this fresh offering of dark and comical short prose about everyday life.
A fantastic collection of short stories that are thought provoking, amusing and bittersweet in equal measures. I would thoroughly recommend Refrigerator Cake. Amazon Review
Place yourself in front of a class from hell. Be surprised by your home town. Discover the unsettling world behind the curtain of television. Look dead fish in the eye. Venture back into the wacky world of Dickson Telfer and don’t forget your slice of Refrigerator Cake. Available in print and ebook format, to buy online and from any good book sellers

From Deptford to Antarctica

** Available from 6 October 2014** From Deptford to Antarctica is officially launching on Thursday 16 October at the Royal Geographical Society, London. Pete Wilkinson will be talking at the Second David Bellamy Lecture: 40 years of caring for the world’s environment from Sount London to the Antarctic. You can register for attendance to the event via EventBrite here: The event is free to attend, but there are limited spaces so do register early to save disappointment.

About the Book

Pete Wilkinson helped establish Friends of the Earth, leaving after three years. In order to allow his his natural campaigning flair to flourish he then joined Greenpeace UK. He was a co-founding member and became a central figure in the UK’s embryonic green movement. His sometimes fiery friendship with the charismatic father of the modern Greenpeace phenomenon, the late David Fraser McTaggart, and his naturally strategic mind helped Wilkinson to the highest positions in the organisation from where he ran what one journalist called ‘some of the most important and successful environmental campaigns of the 80s’. And these were campaigns that he and his colleagues managed to win: radioactive waste dumping at sea, whaling, Canadian sealing, the Orkey seal cull, captive cetaceans, the fur industry, Sellafield. No company or industry was too big for Greenpeace to take on. Even Antarctica.
This is Wilkinson’s life story, beginning in southeast London, told in his own gritty style and containing his unabridged Antarctic diaries which build into a fascinating insight into the Greenpeace world as it was.

becoming julie

** Available from November 3rd 2014 **
becoming julie is launching on 6th November at Waterstones in Oban. It is the first of 4 scheduled launches which will span the country, culminating in an event at Waterstones Islington, London. Fledgling Press are delighted to bring Julie’s story to the public and hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. It has already captured the attention of several media outlets, with newspaper and radio interviews either already complete or taking place in the next few weeks. Be sure to keep an eye out because Julie Clarke’s story will be everywhere! You can read more about Julie in her blog by visiting

About the Book

Julie Clarke was born a boy in the 50s in central Scotland. From a very early age she knew she was different from other boys, but growing up in the 50s and 60s was not conducive to discussing feelings of gender difference and for many years Julie didn’t even know there was a medical term for her dilemma: she was transsexual. Sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, but always honest, becoming julie charts the author’s struggle to build a new life as a woman.
This is a remarkable account of a personal struggle which is written with great dignity. – Alexander McCall Smith –