Competition Time


Readers of The London Cage will be familiar with the sassy, capable character of Kirsty, but you may have noticed I didn’t give her a surname. She’s just… Kirsty.

There was a reason for this, and her full name will appear in Connor Montrose book, The Silk Road (which I’m currently writing) If you haven’t read The London Cage yet, then buy the book to discover the inimitable Kirsty and send me a suitable surname; one that matches Kirsty’s character.

This competition is only open to those who have bought the book, and will understand what makes Kirsty tick.

However, now is your chance to give Kirsty a surname and win some fabulous prizes!

  • A vintage Parker 51 fountain pen I used in the writing of The London Cage
  • A The London Cage mug
  • Free copy of The Silk Road when it hits the shelves.
  • A name check of yourself in the acknowledgments page at the front of The Silk Road

The winners must send their copies of The London Cage to be signed by me (postage paid by Fledgling Press) If your copy is already signed, please send a photo of yourself holding the book. If you have bought an eBook, send me a photo of you holding up a kindle or similar device showing The London Cage, and I’ll believe you!

Send your entry to, and I’ll announce the winner in early September.​

Send as many entries as you like, and the winner will be picked by Fledgling Press, Fledgling Press PR and myself. In the event of identical entries, we’ll draw lots to find the lucky winner