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Seventeen Coffins - Philip Caveney
Seventeen Coffins Philip CaveneyAfter his nightmarish adventures in Mary King’s Close in Crow Boy, Tom Afflick is drawn back to Edinburgh. At the National Museum of Scotland, he sees the eight tiny coffins that were discovered on Arthur’s Seat in 1836 – one of the city’s most intriguing mysteries. Read First Chapter
Shop Front - Samuel Best
Shop Front Samuel BestOut of university and out of luck, Ben Hamilton moves back in with his parents to stack shelves at the local supermarket. There he meets a group of friends and quickly finds himself dragged into secrecy, heavy drinking, and a violent feud. Read First Chapter
The Longest Shadow - RJ Mitchell
The Longest Shadow RJ MitchellIn the third instalment of RJ Mitchell’s gritty Glaswegian crime thriller series, Thoroughgood finds himself in pursuit of a suspect he believes is the psychopathic leader of a vicious gang wanted for murder and abduction. The streets of Glasgow’s West End and city centre are the location for a high octane pursuit that leaves the reader gasping for breath. Read First Chapter
A Burden Shared: The Dundee Murders
The Dundee Murders Malcolm ArchibaldJoin Scotland Yard’s Detective Mendick as he returns to his home town of Dundee, a place that holds no happy memories for him. He finds himself mixing with the the elite of society in Victorian Dundee in an attempt to discover who is behind a series of shockingly violent murders on an apparently random group of victims. Read First Chapter
Watchers - Philip Caveney
Watchers Philip CaveneyAn eternal struggle between good and evil comes to a head in Philip Caveney’s celestial tale. Will Boone is struggling to come to terms with his life until chance encounter with a mysterious tramp called Ari changes his life. Read First Chapter
Winchman - Chris Murray
Winchman Chris MurrayChris Murray documents his adventures and exploits during his action packed career as a Royal Navy Search and Rescue Winchman. Read First Chapter
The Red Man Turns to Green - Dickson Telfer
The Red Man Turns to Green Dickson TelferA hilarious collection of short stories with a superbly whacky take on modern society.Read First Chapter
The Studio Game - Peter Burnett
The Studio Game Peter BurnettTaking the premise that the work of a deceased artist tends to increase demand, The Studio Game questions the fashionable demand for conceptual art. Tracing the brushstrokes of Duchamp and Dali, is it all rather tongue in cheek expressionism or true creative talent?Read First Chapter
Crow Boy - Philip Caveney
Crow Boy Philip CaveneyDark, devious, dripping with grisly period detail and populated with the kind of highly-believable characters which are the hallmarks of Caveney’s work, Crow Boy will send young readers to bed with a shiver – and more than likely their parents too…Read First Chapter
The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror - RJ Mitchell
The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror RJ MitchellThoroughgood and Hardie find themselves embroiled in a world of terrorism, shaking the foundations of the city they love. Terrorist attacks in and around Glasgow see the duo return to action, working with MI5 in a race against time to discover the source of these attacks.Read First Chapter
The Incomers - Moira McPartlin
The Incomers Moira McPartlinThe Incomers tells the story of the two divergent worlds of the main character Ellie Amadi – Black West Africa and a Fife mining village in 1966. When Ellie arrives in Scotland with her son Nat, she does not find the loving husband she last saw in Africa, she is not welcomed as a newcomer by the community. Instead her life is plunged into a world of animosity from the local villagers and pressure from her husband to conform.Read First Chapter
When the Turaco Calls - Gisela Hoyle
When the Turaco Calls Gisela HoyleThis is the work of an assured writer, confident in her plot, setting and characters. It gives an insight to a turbulent period of recent history in South Africa without preaching or proselytising and is all the more powerful for its restraint.Read First Chapter
Viking Gold - V Campbell
Viking Gold V CampbellThe story takes Redknee away from his Nordic homeland to a new world, yet like any classic `coming of age’ tale, the most important journey is the transition from boy to man. V. Campbell puts Redknee through a range of challenges which allow him to develop from the main character of the book, to the hero of it.Read First Chapter
The Darkest Walk - Malcolm Archibald
The Darkest Walk Malcolm ArchibaldDetective Mendick is Scotland Yard’s finest, sent to Manchester to investigate a Chartist uprising. During his investigations he uncovers a more sinister nationwide plot that threatens to rock the dominant British Empire.Read First Chapter
Sex, Love and Sweet Suicide - Chin
Sex, Love and Sweet Suicide ChinA hard-hitting true story of Chin’s eventful life. A story of how hope and determination can overcome adversity.Read First Chapter
Life Behind Bars: Confessions of a Pub Landlady
Life Behind Bars: Confessions of a Pub Landlady Linda Tweedie & Catherine McGregorEver wanted to know what it’s like working behind bars? Kate & Linda have documented some of their hilarious experiences and stories in this side-splitting account of being landladies. A series of short stories guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye!Read First Chapter
Motherlaw - Malcolm Archibald
Motherlaw Malcolm Archibald“Mother Law” is Dundee Law, the ancient hill overlooking Dundee and the Tay. The story starts in the present, when postman David Christie finds a strangely carved box in his garden, containing part of a parchment…Read First Chapter
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