Publishing Policies

At Fledgling Press we aim to keep our policies and procedures fair for both the author and ourselves. This is why we have set out some publishing policies to help demonstrate what we want to do.


a) Authors: new authors are asked to send in a sample – 3 chapters and synopsis, preferably by email to We aim to read initial submissions within 6 weeks of receiving them.  We will then ask to read your full manuscript or not.  After reading your manuscript we will decide whether we place the book on our longlist for future publication.  A position on our longlist is not necessarily a guarantee of publication. Should we decide not to take your manuscript any further we will always try to provide constructive feedback although we can’t always give you detailed reasons for our decisions. If we do wish to proceed with your work we will discuss fully our plans and timescales with you and at that point offer you a contract to publish.  Please be aware that agreeing to read your initial submission or the full manuscript does not constitute an offer to publish.

b) Copy-Editing: We see it as the author’s responsibility to submit their work in as clean a condition as is possible.  Correcting numerous spelling and punctuation errors is costly and time-consuming for any publisher.  We are a small company and won’t do this for you.  If a manuscript is accepted for publication it will then be subjected to several proofing and editing phases by Fledgling Press staff.

If you decide to have your manuscript, or part of your manuscript, professionally proofread and copy-edited before submitting it for consideration, we can recommend Flora from Blueprint Editing. Please contact Flora directly for a quote.

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