Tokyo Nights by Jim Douglas

Tokyo Nights by Jim Douglas
Tokyo Nights by Jim Douglas

Charlie Davis, a modern day heretic, ditches his past and rushes into a picturesque journey through the glistening nights of Tokyo and the desolate wilds of northern Hokkaido.

But the past is not so ready to ditch him.

Wistful private investigator Colin McCann, hired to look into the death of a wealthy businessman’s daughter, has a few hard questions for Charlie and won’t give up until he’s got answers.

He is not the only one on Charlie’s trail…

Enter a world of empty orchestras, night butterflies, polite assassins, decadent TV celebrities and a pit-bull called Marvin. Tokyo Nights is a quest and an investigation into what we have become, a dark parable, a wake-up call to the dead 21st century obsessed with compromise, safety and longevity, and a novel that celebrates the excitement and energy of a culture like no other.

Jim Douglas is the pen name of two writers – Jim Hickey and Douglas Forrester. Jim and Doug wrote together in their adopted city of Tokyo where Jim still lives. Doug returned home to Glasgow early in 2016 for medical treatment and to be with his family. He died in September 2016 shortly before the publication of this, his first novel.

Price: £9.99
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