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Fledgling eBooks: Crossing Borders

As we began selling eBooks in May 2011 we recently decided to analyse the sales data.  It is interesting to see the patterns that are emerging on our sales across the world.  As a UK based publisher it doesn’t surprise us that the bulk of our sales have been through the UK retailer market, however our observations recently are that sales are beginning to grow in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.   This is a very exciting development for us, as through our eBook distributor we are able to supply overseas very easily without having to seek out suitable partner publishers or physical distribution channels and there are far fewer costs than would be associated with publishing books in the physical form.  Having now built up enough data we can see what titles seem popular in what markets and begin to target overseas advertising in a way which hopefully brings authors and titles to the attention of those readers with an interest in a particular genre or subject matter. We are now able to pinpoint what titles are most popular through Amazon.  What titles appeal to a particular country such as Australia or New Zealand?  With an ebook retailer reach which is international and multi-format Fledgling Press is beginning to feel truly global indeed. At a time when the fans of self publishing will say “self publishing your ebook makes your work available worldwide” we hope that, for our Fledgling Authors, we can demonstrate the value there is in belonging to a publisher, (I resist using the term “traditional” in an article about our eBooks, although in many ways we still are), and enabling a strategic push into other countries by using intelligence gathered through our historical sales data.  For us this is a really exciting development in our evolving eBook journey that can help strengthen our overseas sales and open additional opportunities for both our authors and Fledgling Press.  At the moment it certainly feels very positive. Note:  Fledgling Press use Faber Factory for eBook distribution and currently produce all eBooks in-house using our own developed skills for ePub and Mobi formats.