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The Calling by Philip Caveney Published 31 March by Fledgling Press


THE CALLING is a combination of an intriguing crime novel for Young Adults, with a new case for Sherlock Holmes and a reawakening of Scotland ‘s forgotten heroes!

Set during The Edinburgh Festival, The CALLING is a magical story and nearly all of its cast of characters can be observed standing on plinths in the heart of the city. Only one human or ‘Softie’ is able to witness the phenomenon of the statues coming to life for just one day of the year and he hopes they can help him discover who he is.

,p>David Livingston, Sir Walter Scott, Colonel Alexander Macintosh, William Wallace, Dr Clerk Maxwell, Robert Burns and King Charles II, to mention but a few, are there to help or hinder Holmes in his quest to help ‘Ed Fest’ regain his memory and to solve the crime.

Greyfriars Bobby lends a paw, The Gormleys are not the best of chaps and the Dreaming Spires Giraffes do rather rush about aimlessly, but all do what they can to help.

THE CALLING will subtly introduce children to an eclectic range of historical events and people, but with a cracking story, the book will appeal to a wide-ranging audience.

The Calling by Philip Caveney

Author Information

Philip Caveney’s first novel was published in 1977. Since then, he has published many novels for adults and since 2007, a series of children’s books that have sold all over the world, the Sebastien Darke series and another well-received series – The Alec Devlin Mysteries. Philip was born in North Wales in 1951. After leaving college, he worked extensively in theatre, both in London and Wales, and wrote the lyrics for rock adaptations of The Workhouse Donkey and Oscar Wilde’s Salome.

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