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eBook Conversion

Fledgling press are proud to independently produce their eBooks in-house, giving each one the same time, care and attention as a printed book.

We are able to convert your title into formats suitable for all modern e-readers, distributing our files through Faber Factory. With this association it means we are able to quickly distribute to outlets worldwide and receive the full support of Faber Factory, the digital arm of Faber & Faber.

Titles are automatically converted to digital formats as part of ours listing process, and regularly get promoted through our social media channels. When distributors run promotions we submit relevant titles to them to help increase author profiles and sales.

We are able to produce eBooks for Kindle, iTunes, nook, kobo and standard eBook format for other e-readers.

If you are an author looking to have an eBook produced, we ask you go through our submissions process listed stating that it's for eBook only.

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