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What genre do you publish?

We publish across a range of genres - biography, fiction, crime, teen, historical, literary fiction. If we like your manuscript it doesn't matter what genre it falls under.

Do I need my own website/blog/social media to market my book?

Yes, definitely. Having your own blog means you can connect with your readers and share with them as much or as little as you like. With it you can build a following who will be keen to read more titles from you and find out about you.  Philip Caveney is an example who successfully uses his blog to communicate with fans.

I want publicity for my book, but I don’t want to blog/travel/appear publicly/give interviews. What can you do for me?

An author has to engage with his or her audience and that means promoting your book via any means possible. Signings can be scary but people like to meet authors, really! We can give advice on social media and marketing and will assist with the launch but other than that we expect you to attend signings and events.