Q: Are you an on-demand publisher?

A: No, we are not. We are a small traditional publishing company. We produce small print runs as our authors are new to the market. We also produce eBook versions of our titles at the same time as they go to print. WE ARE NOT A VANITY PUBLISHER AND DO NOT ASK AUTHORS FOR ANY MONEY TO PUBLISH THEIR BOOKS. Of course, that also lessens an author’s chances of being published by Fledgling Press. All manuscripts are assessed for suitability for our list in addition to the usual assessments regarding quality of writing.

Q: How do I submit a manuscript to Fledgling Press?

A: In the first instance email a synopsis and the first 3 chapters to submissions@fledglingpress.co.uk. If we are interested in looking at the complete manuscript we will then ask for it. We are currently taking about 6 weeks to provide feedback.

Q: Are you a member of Publishing Scotland?

A: Yes, Fledgling Press has been a member of Publishing Scotland since 2000 and is an active member.

Q: What is the Fledgling Press mission?

A: As an independent company Fledgling Press Ltd aims to:

1. Make new authors available to readers quickly and effectively in a variety of formats – printed books and downloadable ebooks from all major online retailers.

2. Give readers, authors, and visitors an exciting, passionate and fulfilling experience.

3. Provide a personal caring response that the big guys can’t really ever do.

4. Wash its face financially, enabling us to work with more new authors on a yearly basis.

5. Provide customers with a secure environnment to make printed book purchases directly from our website (Paypal is our preferred method for payment).

Q: Do you produce eBooks?

A: Yes, we produce an eBook in both Kindle and ePub formats for all our new printed book releases. We are also converting our back catalogue to eBook format and we distribute to all the major retailers through Faber Factory (a division of Faber and Faber). We also offer eBook only publishing for some writers whom we feel merit publication but whom we cannot fit into our print schedule at the moment. Please contact us if you would like more details. All our eBooks are produced in-house using our own skilled staff to ensure quality of the finished files.