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Crow Boy

Crow Boy

SKU: 9781905916559

Young Tom Afflick has never felt so alone. His parents have split up and his mother has relocated him, hundreds of miles away from his home in Manchester to the unfamiliar city of Edinburgh. At his new school, Tom is simply known as ‘The Manc’ – a blow-in, an outsider. 


On a routine school trip to the historic site of Mary King’s Close, Tom follows the ghostly figure of a young girl – only to find himself transported back in time to 1645, the year of the Edinburgh plague. 


Apprenticed against his will to a violent plague doctor, Tom needs to use all of his modern-day skills in order to survive, while he desperately searches for a way back to his own time. 


This children’s historical novel is a departure for Philip Caveney – acclaimed author of the Sebastian Darke thrillers for children and the Alec Devlin mysteries – and is sure to be a hit with them. 

Customer Reviews on Amazon

I bought this book for my kindle after seeing it in the shop at Mary Kings Close after a recent visit.
Although its a childrens book I really enjoyed it and the description of the close in the present time and as described in the past was brilliant.

Dec 2013


Loved this book. Looking forward to reading the other two in the trilogy.
Nov 2016

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