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Seventeen Coffins

Seventeen Coffins

SKU: 9781905916740

After his nightmarish adventures in Mary King’s Close in Crow Boy, Tom Afflick is drawn back to Edinburgh. At the National Museum of Scotland, he sees the eight tiny coffins that were discovered on Arthur’s Seat in 1836 – one of the city’s most intriguing mysteries.


After an aggressive confrontation with his stepfather, Tom finds himself spinning back in time again, to the year 1828, where the peril comes not from bubonic plague but from a series of unexplained disappearances. Lost and confused, Tom seeks refuge in Tanner’s Close as the guest of two of the city’s most infamous inhabitants…


But even two hundred years after the events of Crow Boy, he cannot escape the vengeful pursuit of bogus plague doctor, William McSweeny. Tom is soon caught up in a desperate struggle for survival… and the mystery of the tiny coffins is finally solved.

Customer Reviews from Amazon

what more could you want? Toms adventure in Seventeen Coffins is just as intriguing and exciting as Crow Boy, I can't wait to see where he ends up next!
June 2014


An exceptional example yet again of excellent writing skills. Just as enjoyable as Crow boy and I would love to see them turned into films. I highly recommend reading both.
June 2014


A very impressive read I thouroughly enjoyed it
Sept 2017

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