Star of Hope

Star of Hope

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This third and final exciting volume of The Sun Song Trilogy finds Sorlie and Ishbel working together in one last attempt to save Esperaneo. As The Prince's health deteriorates he hands over leadership of the Star of Hope's mission to Sorlie and Ishbel.


But what is the Star of Hope?


All they know is that it will free the native race from slavery. On mainland Esperaneo Major, Ishbel travels north through a hostile arctic forest while Sorlie, Reinya and Dawdle head for the southern drylands. On the way both parties battle extreme weather and betrayal, but it is only when the two missions meet that the frightening truth of their world is revealed.


And one final betrayal decides the fate of the mission and their fight for freedom.


<a href=""rel="noopener" target="_blank">The Sun Song trilogy</a> explores life in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic Britain where society's norms have broken down and life has to be lived differently.

Reviews from Amazon.

A brilliant conclusion to the trilogy. The writer judges really well the two equally exciting separate narratives, and when to bring them together. There's also enough fresh blood in here to keep things interesting. Loved the difference in the hot/Arctic settings, very cinematic. Also features , for me, the most disturbing chapters/images of the trilogy! (Just be prepared for when Ishbel ends up in a freezer...)
Aug 2019

The final part of the Sunsong trilogy (i've reviewed the first two on here as well). A tale which twists and turns, with plenty of action, character resolution and moral dilemmas all packed into what feels like quite a compact space. A good end to an exciting vision of what our world could become.
​​​​​​​June 2019