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This biography does not gloss over or glamorise mental illness, instead Graham Morgan highlights that people can, and do, live full and positive lives.


Join Graham through his recollections of detention under the Mental Health act, learning to live with a new family, and coping with the symptoms that he still struggles to accept are an illness. He takes your through his preparations to address the United Nations in his role working with the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland.


Graham Morgan has an MBE for services to mental health, and helped to write the Scottish Mental Health (2003) Care and Treatment Act.


This is the Act under which he is now detained.

Reviews from Amazon.

This is a very open and honest account of what it is like to live with schizophrenia. It is a very personal story, which Graham tells very well. It's not a depressing story at all. It has some pretty harrowing accounts of being detained under the Mental Health Act but does not villify the system at all. Each chapter goes from past to present to past, which I like as it proves that you can go through really tough times and come out the other side and find happiness and a sense of inner peace, almost a happy ending if you will. Hopefully this book will help others going through a rough time find a sense of empowerment and courage to not give up and also to seek help when it is needed.
Nov 2018

Well written. Lyrical at times. Conveys an understanding for everyone. A most engaging book that I shall definitely read again.
July 2019

Start is a disarmingly frank memoir about living with mental ill health. Graham Morgan includes the successes as well as the failures with (at times) startling frankness and writes with acute self-awareness. This book is an act of generosity from the author to anyone who has experienced mental ill health or who has known someone who has – in fact, this book is an act of generosity to everyone. Elegantly written and immediately engaging it is a vivid portrayal of family breakdown, loss, alienation and loneliness but it is also a humane story of survival, and more than that, a story of living a loving life to the full.
Jan 2020

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