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The Everliving Memory of John Valentine

The Everliving Memory of John Valentine

SKU: 9781912280421

2019 - It’s Hannah Greenshields’s first day at Memory Lane, a memory clinic in the centre of Edinburgh. She soon learns that Memory Lane possesses advanced technology which allows clients to relive their favourite memories for a substantial fee. 

1975 - John Valentine, a Memory Lane client, is reliving his wedding day over and over again, hoping to change one key event he can’t forget. However, as proceedings become less and less familiar, John realises his memory isn’t such a safe place after all.

When Hannah and John’s paths meet, they must work together to get John back to the real world before it’s too late.


 In a departure from Ross’s recent work - The Everliving Memory of John Valentine combines elements of speculative fiction in a novel that is all too believable...

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