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The London Cage

The London Cage

SKU: 9781905916122

A man who doesn't exist discovers a weapon that doesn't exist. The CIA had hoped it would be buried for centuries, but the retreat of the glaciers has revealed a Cold War secret that could bring down the communications and defence systems of every country on the planet.


Connor Montrose must find a way to take control of the destructive power and stop the global race towards Armegeddon. Every major country in the world is desperate for the secret. Including his own. He is faced with the choice of betrayal or survival, but either way, he'll lose.  Cold War enemies from Washington and Moscow pursue him across London, and only one young hacker, Kirsty, will stand by his side. Then an old man tells him, "If I had the choice between betraying my friends and betraying my country, I should hope I have the guts to betray my country."


His country needs him, but if he gives up the secret, his friends and those he loves will die. And the killing will never stop.

Customer Reviews from Amazon

A cracking follow-up to Names of the Dead sees Connor Montrose pursued across London in a race against time to prevent the result of a Cold War secret from falling into the wrong hands. A desperate situation where he breaks into the Russian Embassy to find a password is ingenius plotting and the frantic tour round London an eye- opener even to a Londoner. Best of all I feel that Connor Montrose's challenges are just getting warmed up.
Aug 2016


This is not my usual metier, as people know, but Mark had me from the first, and kept me with it, literally all night. The question still buzzing round my head is, "How will he get out of it this time?", and, damn him, he always does. If you want to be thrilled, entertained, puzzled, made to laugh and gasp then this and the previous novel are for you. Let's have the next one soon.
May 2017



I skidded into the final chapter bent double and gasping for air. What a ride the London Cage was! Espionage, conspiracies, hackers and a history lesson. Watch out Bond- Connor Montrose is wayyyy cooler than you!! This is must read. I couldn't put it down. Great characters, a twisty and clever plot - looking forward to the next installment in the series!​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Sept 2016

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