Wants of the Silent

Wants of the Silent

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This second thrilling volume of the Sun Song trilogy takes Sorlie to the floodlands of southern Esperaneo to discover that family, love and resilience can triumph against even the harshest regime.


Escaping from the penal colony on Black Rock, Sorlie joins his grandmother Vanora's revolutionary army, expecting to find freedom. Instead he finds murder and mayhem. With her army in disarray and her network of supporters disappearing, Vanora chooses Sorlie to become her warrior.


When Vanora is kidnapped, Sorlie becomes injured and marooned in the strange reservation of Steadie where old people and specials are hidden and protected from The State. But these outcasts are not the only secrets Steadie keeps.

Why is Sorlie kept drugged for over a week? What are their links to The Blue Pearl Society? Why are they so wary of the Noiri black marketeers? And who is The Prince everyone is whispering about?


The Sun Song trilogy explores life in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic Britain where society's norms have broken down and life has to be lived differently.

Reviews from Amazon.

Wonderful trilogy. Read the whole lot in a couple of weeks and though I am an older adult rather than a young one I think I may have fallen for YA fiction!!!
Oct 2019

Wants of the Silent picks up right where the last book finished, and ramps up the action! Lots more interesting characters, world-building, and backstory as the story divides between Sorlie and Ishbel. I love how complex each character is and no one is fully good or fully bad. A brilliant middle act.
Aug 2019

This novel shines an astute light on how our current world could progress. With driven characters and a super-imaginative, hostile environment, it also manages to be warm and poignant. I was very pleased that Scud one of my favourite characters from the first book in the Sun Song Trilogy has a good role in this second book.The use of language is dexterous and the dialogue engaging and immediate. This novel gripped me all the way to the two twists at the end of the book. This haunting story still lives in my mind!
Sept 2017