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When We Get to the Island

When We Get to the Island

SKU: 9781912280285

Hani is 12 and invisible, and yet everyone wants to capture him.


After escaping from Syria with his sister, he finds himself working in atrocious conditions somewhere in Scotland. When his sister disappears, he begins a perilous journey to find her, across some of the wildest terrain in Scotland.


Mia is also on the run, and sometimes it feels as if she will never stop running. When she helps Hani escape from his captors, the two become inseparable. Her dream is to reach the island where she was last happy, when her parents were alive, and find the little house she believes they still own.


Once we reach the island, she tells Hani, everything will be okay.


But their journey takes them into dangerous landscapes, hunted by dangerous men, chased through a system of underground flooded caverns while a great storm sweeps the coast. Whatever happens, Mia knows that she must help Hani to find his sister. What they will really find at the end of their journey may come as a surprise to both of them.

Reviews from Amazon.

When We Get To The Island, is a very well written book for ages 11-14. Hans is an exciting character who is 12 and happens to be invisible.
From this sentence on I was hooked into this story. Twelve-year-old Hani stood in the semi-dark of an immense shed, miserable, cold, tired. He was always tired, couldn’t remember a time when he hadn’t felt exhausted.
It’s relevant here that all the characters are fictional, with Hani who escaped from Syria taking him to Scotland.
I always love reading how an author Story becomes tumbling out. So what actually inspired Alex Nye is by the tragic events of recent years is the fate of refugees forced to cross an ocean that risk to life to escape danger and persecution.
One other reason what Alex Nye looked into was the from the people in Scotland whose stories inspired him much further to write about Hani, the young Syrian refugee.

Jan 2020

Well written and paced, complicated and interesting characters, and excellent tension. Highly recommend.
Nov 2019

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