Publish My Book

Are you a first time author? Do you want a manuscript publishing? We receive hundreds of submissions a year, a lot of them asking similar questions about what authors can expect from Fledgling Press as a publisher. We’ve put together some of the most important in one place for your ease.

How do I get my book published?

At Fledgling Press we will give you help and support throughout the publishing process, if selected, from your initial manuscript submission, to proof reading, editing, designing and printing. We work with a talented team to make sure your book is well-designed, converted to digital formats and is promoted.

To start this process, send the first three chapters of your manuscript and a synopsis to

We aim to read and respond to all initial submissions within 6 weeks of receiving them. Please note that due to the high volume of submissions received, sometimes this may take longer.

What happens next?

Once we’ve read through your initial submission, if we like it we will be in touch to ask for a copy of the full manuscript. Upon receipt of this, we will read your submission in full and decide whether it is a title we want to place on our long list for future publication.

What if you decide not to place my manuscript on the long list?

We will provide you with comments and constructive feedback on the manuscript, although we can’t always give details about our decisions.

What if you decide to place my manuscript on your long list?

At this point we will sit down and discuss the project in more detail, talking about timescales, editing, and marketing. It is at this point that we will formally offer you a contract and help guide you through the publishing process.

Do you help with editing and proof reading?

Yes, as part of the process we will go through your manuscript in fine detail to make sure it is grammatically correct, makes sense and is a sellable piece of literature. If need be, we will make editorial suggestions to improve the structure and flow of the story. That said, we do expect manuscripts to have been thoroughly proofread beforehand. If a manuscript has basic spelling and grammar errors we will generally reject it.

What about a book cover?

We work with freelance illustrators and have our own graphic designer on hand to assist with the production of a cover. If you have something particular in mind we will do our best to work with you and our designer to produce a cover that everyone is happy with.

If you publish my book, will you produce a digital version?

Yes. We produce an  eBook for every book we publish. We create the eBooks ourselves and these are are submitted and distributed to all major eBook vendors via Faber Factory.

Once my book is ready, what happens?

When your manuscript has been edited, refined and polished, the book cover designed and signed off we then get onto the fun part – promotion! We will agree a date for launch, have a banner and posters printed, send an email invite and promote it like crazy across our social media.


Is my novel long enough?

Generally a novel is between 70000 and 80000 words. Children’s novels are around the 45000 to 55000 mark. We do not publish novellas.

What genre do you publish?

We publish across a range of genres – biography, fiction, crime, teen, historical, literary fiction. If we like your manuscript it doesn’t matter what genre it falls under.

Do I need my own website/blog/social media to market my book?

Yes, definitely. Having your own blog means you can connect with your readers and share with them as much or as little as you like. With it you can build a following who will be keen to read more titles from you and find out about you. R.J Mitchell has been successful on twitter and has been steadily growing his blog following, and Philip Caveney is another who successfully uses his blog to communicate with fans.

I want publicity for my book, but I don’t want to blog/travel/appear publicly/give interviews. What can you do for me?

An author has to engage with his or her audience and that means promoting your book via any means possible. Signings can be scary but people like to meet authors, really! We can give advise on social media and marketing and will assist with the launch but other than that we expect you to attend signings and events.

I edited my book carefully myself, and my friend/partner edited it, as well. Isn’t that enough?

No, definitely not.