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Fledgling Press are an independent publisher based in Edinburgh who are committed to publishing work by debut authors, emerging talent and new voices in the literary world.

Once a manuscript is accepted for publication we work closely with authors to edit and polish their work. The completed manuscript is then proofread several times before we move to the book design. Each book is typeset carefully, ensuring the final

product is a pleasure to read and beautiful to look at. As part of the process, we work with freelance illustrators to create a cover design which will attract readers and stand out on crowded bookshelves.

Once a title has been printed, we have good ties with major bookstores and use Booksource to store and distribute our titles. Once in the Booksource catalogue, titles are instantly visible to larger number of booksellers and Booksource deal with the ordering and distribution, keeping customers and wholesalers happy.


We also distribute titles through Gardners and BookSpeed.

Printing Process
Are you a first time author?


Do you want a manuscript publishing? We receive hundreds of submissions a year, a lot of them asking similar questions about what authors can expect from Fledgling Press as a publisher. We've put together some of the most important in one place for your ease.


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